is a three-story house in Tokyo residential area, whose trapezoidal plan is inscribed in a site of 10.65m x 10.41m, and height is 9.90m (the tower 12.75m). Located at the corner, west of the site faces a relatively busy street for residential area where busses go along day and night, so its façade resembles an enclosed box surrounded by frames of reinforced concrete. The outer frame of the box is treated with exterior thermal insulation of 40mm Expanded Poly-Styrene on which hybrid plaster is splayed. Its plan consists of seven inside terraces along the exterior wall, and those terraces are intended to connect two rooms to secure openness and sufficient ventilation, which in a bigger scale, explores to become a prototype for urban residential planning.
Seven terraces are; on the ground level, one in size of 1.8m x 1.2m x H2.8m adjacent to the entrance, on the second floor, one in 1.5m x 8.4m x H2.6 to a bedroom and a washroom, one in 0.8m x 1.9m x H2.1m to a bathroom and a closet, and one in 0.7m x 3.6m x H 2.6m to a writing room and a bedroom, and on the third floor, a triangular terrace of 3.7m x 4.9m x H5.7m at the 90 degrees corner facing a living room, and one of 0.6m x 7.1m x H2.2m adjacent to a living room and a kitchen.
Collaborator : Izumi Okayasu(Lighting Engineer)

Photo: Yasushi Ichikawa