U bis



is an installation exhibited in The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo. An interstitial space was created behind a partition used to separate galleries dedicated to different artists. A wallpaper with a floral pattern enlarged 700-fold was applied to the walls and the ceiling of the interstitial space. A photograph of the lawn in front of the museum, enlarged fourfold, was affixed to the floor, and a two millimeter-thick coating of transparent epoxy was applied over it. Fluorescent lamps of greater intensity of illumination than those used in standard galleries were used for lighting, and that light spills out at the ends of the space, where one room leads to another. Paintings by Toeko Tatsuno, Yasuo Kazuki, and Kunitaro Suda in the museum’s collection that seemed to have an affinity with the theme of this work were chosen and exhibited at the ends of the interstitial space, where the space runs into fixed display cases.
-Traveling Exhibition(The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo・The National Museum of Arts, Osaka)

Photo: Tsunejiro Watanabe