is a high-rise office for rent that stands in the middle of the commercial district Omotesando, which houses increasing number of brand boutiques, as well as the terminal rail station Shibuya. The area contains a mix of residential and office blocks. Therefore, a building was designed that does not classify into either of those categories; a tower-like monolith with a seamless smooth surface. The building itself is 64m high, but consists of 9 stories from the ground floor, with a relatively high ceiling reaching to 4.9m. As a result, even with a minimized window area, sufficient natural light flows consistently to the full depth of the building. There are 7 types of windows, each quadrate with sides of 1.15m, 1.45m, 1.6m, 1.75m, 1.9m, 2.05m and 2.2m. They are placed methodologically, but at the same time in disarray, like a freehand drawing intended to be as accurate as possible.

Collaborator : KAJIMA DESIGN(Preliminary Design・Execution Design)・Yuko Aondo(Textile Design)

Photo: Daici Ano