is a house composed of an L-shaped block laid horizontally on the ground and a second L-shaped block stood on its head, combined three-dimensionally with a gap in between the two. The former accommodates the first-floor interior spaces (living room, dining room and kitchen), and the latter the third-floor interior spaces such as the bedrooms. The first floor is integrated with a garden shielded from visual intrusion, and the third floor affords a view of the Pacific Ocean, beyond an expressway. There are no interior spaces on the second floor, which would otherwise look out on the expressway. Instead, the two L-shaped blocks and the way they are engaged create a double-height roofed terrace on the first floor, a second-floor terrace on the roof of the lower block, and a fourth-floor terrace on top of the upper block. The lower block is of wooden construction, the upper block is of steel frame construction and the curtain wall is wooden.

Photo: Jun Aoki