is a design proposal for a showroom in which, to distort images, irregularly-shaped blocks of acrylic are layered on the inner side of exterior glazing. The blocks are basically triangular prisms. The thickness of each block is 100 millimeters at the sides. However, one point within the triangular end of the prism is randomly chosen, and the block is extended perpendicularly from that point to its point of maximum thickness. (The precise thickness of a block is arbitrarily determined.) That point of maximum thickness is connected to the sides of the triangular base by three triangles. The diverse refractions caused by the prisms fragment, disperse and distort the images of the automobiles displayed inside. From inside, the prisms not only fragment and rearrange the landscape outside but redirect the light from outside in diverse ways. A design drawing of a car is drawn on a steel plate 12 millimeters thick on the showroom floor.
-Show room (Proposal)

Photo: Jun Aoki and Associates