is a store building 25.5 meters in width, 20.8 meters in depth and 31.9 meters in height, made up of rectangular parallelepiped units stacked in an irregular pile. The structure, located in interstitial spaces 30 centimeters deep and 37 centimeters high between the rectangular parallelepiped units, is a non-uniform cage with few vertically aligned columns. The columns and beams are all made from wide-flange steel members 20 centimeters by 20 centimeters in cross-section. The exterior finish consists of two types of metal mesh, polished stainless panels or two layers of glass ornamented with patterns. LV Hall on the seventh floor has a triple-height ceiling and is wrapped in a three-layered screen of metal mesh, glass and white lace embroidered with white ribbons.
Shop(main unit・exterior・subset of interior)
Collaborator : Yuko Aondo(Textile Designer)

Photo: Daici Ano