Office building located in the suburbs of Maebashi-city. Three storied building, consists of the work space and warehouse on the 1st floor, office on the 2nd floor and the conference room and the staff canteen on the 3rd floor. The facade of the 1st and the 2nd floor is covered by the perforated folded plate screen for security and privacy reason resulting the whole building to be appeared like two rectangular parallelepiped volume piling up keeping a littile distance. Cemented excelsior board is mainly used for interior. Both the cemented excelsior board and perforated folded plate are painted white while leaving the texture The asphalt of the parking lot is also painted white indicating the park place by leaving black every other park. The whole building concerns the relationship between the surface and the substance.
collaborator : Yuko Aondo(Textile Designer)・Izumi Okayasu(Lighting Engineer)

Photo: Daici Ano