is located on one of the many areas of land continually being reclaimed from the sea by Tokyo. The area, which had been abandoned, is an island, 1670.3 meters wide and 507.5 meters long. The site, 261.8 meters wide and 146.6 meters long, joins the island to the mainland. Taking into consideration the site’s special character as the gateway to the island, I created a tunnel-like gate 45 meters high, 279.5 meters long and 5 meters wide. The island is to be redeveloped and will become the new home of the Tokyo Fish Market. Large trucks are expected to come and go, day and night. The gate has been designed therefore as a quiet, highly sound-absorbent space–a tunnel where artificial snow falls throughout the year. The museum itself is integrated visually by glass with the avenue passing through the site. A driver feels as if he were passing through a gallery, and a visitor to the museum feels as if cars were passing through the building.
-Museum (Proposal)

Photo: Jun Aoki and Associates