is a house that takes the form of a house-form of wooden construction set on top of a reinforced-concrete podium. The wooden house-form is a wooden structure of the conventional type in Japan; there is no distinction made between exterior wall and the roof, and waterproofing is applied over the entire surface. Except for the part cut out of the house-form, all openings have the same ready-made wooden sash used for skylights; these form irregular spots on the exterior wall. The podium contains the living room, dining room and kitchen-spaces that would be contained in the house-form in ordinary wooden houses. As a result, the house-form on top accommodates only bedrooms. This produces leftover space. The house-form therefore functions as an enormous skylight for the podium. The 77.3-centimeter horizontal gap between the podium and the house-form suggests the unique character of the form of this house.

Photo: Daici Ano