is the design of an exhibition concerning fibers at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation. The basic unit is a layer of transparent nylon fibers used for fishing nets, six meters high, arranged at one-centimeter intervals, and 18 meters wide. These are combined to form three nine-layer semitransparent curtains and one 14-layer semitransparent curtain, arranged at ten-centimeter intervals. These curtains divide the rectangular gallery space into five zones. A ukiyoe motif, made abstract, is applied in white spray on the nylon fibers of each layer. Their overlapping causes a threedimensional cloud-like image to emerge out of a forest of silken, transparent fibers. Lighting programmed to change in intensity over time is installed in the semitransparent curtains and changes the brightness of the fibers and the perception of depth in the overall space over time.

Photo: Daici Ano