Consists of an inverted cone, 14.6 meters in height, that is 36.6 meters in diameter as ground level and 40 meters in diameter at the top; a waterway that encircles the building; and an indoor bridge, 4.5 meters wide, that penetrates the building and crosses over the waterway. On the waterway visitors can ride small boats of the kind that have traditionally been used in the lagoon. The waterway separates the area where an admission fee is charged from the surrounding park where admission is free. The free indoor bridge enables visitors in the park to cross over the waterway, go through the cone-shaped facility, cross over the waterway again, and reach the area of the park on the opposite side. The indoor bridge is on the same level as the second floor of the cone-shaped facility where the dressing rooms for men and women and the administrative office are located. The first floor is an indoor pool. The distance from the surface of the water to the round holes in the floor of the indoor bridge is 2.7 meters. The ceiling is a double-layered structure of fluoropolymer-treated ten membrane. YUSUIKAN and FUKUSHIMA LAGOON MUSEUM are both in the “Fukushima Lagoon Natural Ecological Park”.

Photo: Watanabe Tsunejiro