is a seven-story building, 31.6 meters in height, in the shape of an inverted cone. The building is 16 meters in diameter at ground level and 27.8 meters in diameter at the top. The first floor is an entrance hall. From here a spiral stairway tube leads to the top floor. The administrative office is on the second floor; a tentacle-like extension from the circular space serves as a canopy for the first-floor entrance. A cafe is on the third floor, which is connected to a pedestrian bridge that leads to the lagoon. The spiral ramp that begins on the fourth floor is an exhibition gallery with a view of the lagoon in all directions. The ramp wraps around an audiovisual exhibition room on the fifth floor, where the bird ecology of the lagoon is shown in real time, and a temporary exhibition room on the sixth floor. It leads to an observation hall overlooking the lagoon on the seventh floor. The MUSEUM and YUSUIKAN are both in the “Fukushima Lagoon Natural Ecological Park”.