Friday July 14th, 2006

The 2nd monograph “JUN AOKI COMPLETE WORKS 2”: published by INAX Shuppan.

Text: Noi Sawaragi / Jun Aoki / Hideyuki Nakayama | Photo: Risaku Suzuki | Design Shin Akiyama *bilingual
The complete book of the Aomori Museum of Art was published in this July (designed by Jun Aoki, opened on mid-July 2006) that fully concentrate its character and features.
A wonder trip to the Aomori Museum of Art through 119 new photos by Risaku Suzuki lead one far beyond an existing frame of architectural photo books, providing as if one were wondering in that space. Architectural data, detail drawings, soil report included.
For further information is updated in theINAX Publishing’s website(in Japanese only).

Thursday April 20th, 2006

WHITE CHAPEL: 20 April 2006 Open in Osaka.

In the existing site of Hyatt Rigency Osaka, the new wedding chapel was just completed in this April 2006. A truncated regular tetrahedron is unique geometrical feature. It can fill up space without interspaces. 4 circles inscribed in regular octagonal planes become a unit of rings connected at points. The units of rings load the chapel as a part of main structure. This is the initial work using this system after we created.